There is a pletora of technologies out there that could be used to build a website; however, I have no doubt WordPress is the best choice in most cases.

Why WordPress is the best choice

WordPress may have started ad a blogging platform in 2001, yet it has evolved over the years into the most versatile and widespread  content management system (CMS).Virtually any functionality you need your website to have it can be implemented through WordPress. Matter of fact, WordPress powers 22.5% of all websites on the internet, including top brands such as Time Magazine, CNN, CBS New York, Harvard Business Review, Boise State University, New York Times, Dole, Glad, Mercedes-Benz and Vogue. It is robust enough for them, and I bet it is robust enough for you too.

WordPress is Flexible

WordPress is flexible and modular. New functions can be added and in many cases the layout can be changed without drastically reinventing the whole website. More, using a standard technology such WordPress means that you are free to hand your website over to another developer, should the need arise. Compare this with having a custom-made website: it is more expensive, you will be completely dependent on the developer that built it for any action you want to take, it will be very hard if possible at all to hand the website over to another developer, you could even end up without a content management system at all, meaning you will have no control over you own content. Let alone security: a WordPress developer is always building on top of a technology that has been proved secured and it is constantly updated by the biggest community of coders around.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

The code used to write WordPress is as good as it can be. High quality code and semantic mark ups make your website very attractive to search engines. A good WordPress developer will also give you (or any SEO agency you are willing to use) very easy access to all the settings you need to fine tune to improve your site’s SEO. Also, Google’s algorithms are evolving in such a way that the accent is focused more and more on high quality content, and no CMS makes easier for you to add and mange new content. WordPress is responsive, which means it performs well on every device, from mobile to desktops. I am sure you don’t mind people being able to browse your website from mobile device, and this is another factor that impacts positively your SEO.

WordPress is Easy To Manage

WordPress websites are fairly intuitive to manage; yet, as you would expect for the most popular CMS in the world, you can very easily find tutorials on the web to learn how to control and make the most out of your WordPress website.

WordPress is future-proof

WordPress is constantly updated: you will not have to worry about the technology running your website getting obsolete. WordPress notifies you When there is a new version of the core software is available, and you can update it by just clicking a button. Backups are easy to do too.
A WordPress developer do not begin with a blank screen, but rather with tested, proven, widely used and well-coded framework that is guaranteed to be kept updated, making WordPress websites less expensive, more secure and just better.

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