Are you a small business owner, a self-employed, a freelancer? This article is for you.

Do I need a website?

If you are trying  to expand or upgrade your client base, if you wish to have an online showcase that will clearly convey to your client the high level of professionalism of your services, if you like the idea that present and new clients can easily find you and get in touch with you, than yes, you should consider having a website.

I already have a Facebook page. Why should I add a website?

So, you are already getting customer through Facebook. That’s good and you should keep doing it. The thing is, creating a Facebook page is free. Everyone can do it. Imagine that you are going to a business meeting: will you be wearing t-shirt and flip flops? You’d better having a smart look to make a good impression. That’s the first very basic advantage a website add to your FB page: people finding you on FB and considering using your services is likely to check out for your website to find more info. If you don’t have a nice one, you are wearing flip flops. More, only a website can be customised to match exactly the necessity of your business, be it a reservation form, a personalised eShop or whatever else you can imagine.

I don’t sell merchandise on-line. Why bother with a website?

So many travelers use google to set their itineraries — and those itineraries include restaurants, accommodations, and shopping. IF you want them to find you, then again you need a website.

I am not good with computers and have no time. How could I take care of a website?

You don’t have to. It is true that a website should be managed on a regular basis, but that doens’t means you have to do it all by yourself. Your webdeveloper will help you find the right professionist to manage your website according to your budget. Also, even a website that is not updated that often is still a better way to present yourself than no website at all. Remember the flip flops? A well done website will inspire trust to your potential customers.

I think it will cost to much

A  well done and good looking website can be done for as little as 500 Euro, with very little recurring expenses for hosting, domain and minimum maintenance, A good developer will be able to build your website in a way that you can upgrade it later with new features when it will be the right moment for you.

Do I really want to..

  • ..Have an online brochure working for me 24 hours per day?
  • ..Give my customers a polished and professional image of my business?
  • ..Make easy for new clients to find me and get in touch with me?
  • ..Expand my customer base?

Well, that’s your call.

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