Are you a local small business owner, a self-employed, a freelancer? This article is for you.

What is link building?

Long story short, for non technical people: google used to give more exposure to websites that received lot of links from other websites, each link adding a little bit of weight. This led SEO people to make a very big fuss about link building, so much so that people started cheating, creating fake website with the only purpose to sell links to others. Any link would make it. Nowadays, things have changed: Google is now able to tell apart genuine, relevant and useful links from garbage ones.

Why do I care?

Proper link building improve you SEO. That means, people is more likely to find you on Google. This means more visibility and more business.

How is good link building made?

There is many ways; what they have in common is to choose quality over quantity. You want to receive links that either drive you traffic, give you exposure to your target audience or add to your good reputation.

1) You want to connect with people that have something to say about you – we call them niche-influencers. Example: do you have a restaurant? Then you probably want local food bloggers writing about you and linking to your website. How do you do that? Read their blog, engage with them, contact them.

2) Local partnership: do you sell high quality menswear? You could want to team up with a good dry-cleaner not to far away. Exchange links of this sort are actually useful for your customers, and what is good for your customers is good for your SEO

3) Sponsorship: Sponsor local events, ceremonies, conferences, charities. If what you are going to sponsor makes it to newspapers, contact the newspapers and try getting a link from them too. 

4) Directories: list your website on directories such as Yellowpages.

I am a busy person, I cannot take care of this

You do not have to do it yourself. Just hire a professional to take care of your link building – a professional that is likely able to take care of all of your SEO or even all your digital marketing, This article gave you an idea of what link building is and how it can be done wrong (buying links) or well: built just a little on top of this and you will be knowledgeable enough to ask the right questions to the person you will hire, and make sure s/he’s doing a proper job.

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