100 Euro website offer

Say that you finally decided you need a website. There’s different scenarios ahead for you.
1) You are knowledgeable, you have time and your budget is tight: you will probably want to build your website yourself;
2) You are knowledgeable, have no budget restrictions and consider your time very valuable: you probably know very well what you want and you will brief a trusty developer to do it for you;
3) You can’t tell a tablet from a chopping board and you are loaded with money: you will hire someone smart enough to hire a real webdeveloper on your behalf. And you will be wildly overcharged, but, hey? who cares?
4) You are not so knowledgeable and you are afraid to invest your hard-earned money on a website without having a very clear idea of what you are doing.

While I welcome any client (especially number 3s, please get in touch, you, sweet ones), this offer is dedicated to you who fall in category 4.

You can now have a basic website for 100 Euro only plus VAT.
This is your chance to learn first hand what having and managing a website means.
If you like it and when you will be ready, you will have me building more pages and adding all the additional features you need, as your website will be modular and extendable.

Does it seems like a fair deal?

The details

What you will get:

РA responsive website composed of 1 static page filled with content provided by you, including your logo and contact details;
– Personalised email address;
– 1 year hosting (35 euro per year afterward).

What I will need from you:

– You already have your own domain;
– Logo, relevant images and text to populate the website, contact details;
– settlement: 50% deposit and 50% when the website is ready.

For the offer to be valid, the deposit must be paid by end of July 2016.

Get in touch and get your website done!



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